This movie got a thumbs up from Bisexual Resource Center. It looks like it’s only playing at independent theaters, so keep an eye out!

I just want to add that this movie has been made by a cis man who seems to have put his own ‘aesthetic’ taste into the making of the sex scene

He also behaved pretty badly towards his young female actresses

He also got A LOT of criticism from the creator of the original comic (who is lesbian herself) and other sources

So, if I may suggest something - there might be people out there (me) who wouldn’t feel comfortable supporting this director (even though, of course, high viewing rates of any queer film might be a nudge in the right direction for the whole industry). The fact remains, this movie has been made by a heterosexual man who put A LOT more emphasis into the sex scene than necessary, AND the production of this movie about queer women did not actually involve a single actual queer woman as far as we know about - no advisors and no out production members with significant say in the presentation of the characters or relationship, at least.

If you still want to consume this story in any way, might I suggest you buy the graphic novel?

I am still waffling back and forth on watching this (it’s now on Canadian Netflix), but one unfortunate tell I’ve spotted is that the sex scene has been snipped out and uploaded to online pr0n sites — I’ve never seen that happen with an art movie before, not even Nymphomaniac.

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Fantasia 2014: back to 1989 edition

White Bird In A Blizzard: diagetic music too on the nose, blazers cut all wrong in the shoulder. I suppose this is what one has to look forward to for the next decade and change (how do Boomers and Gen X live with this?) The film isn’t unenjoyable, but doesn’t land as intended — as a mystery, the audience cottons on too early; as a thriller, there’s no catharsis; as YA, Shailene Woodley’s blissfully self-centred protagonist never changes and barely learns that she has feelings beyond ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (in itself more stereotypically Millennial than Gen X: she’s no slacker in career or sex). Eva Green is a caricature of an unhappy martini-soaked housewife, which feels wrong-era in the opposite direction (wasn’t Have It All in full swing by ‘89?). The unreliable viewpoint might have worked better in the original text, but the script clunks along with howlers like “and in an instant my virginity disappeared… just like my mother!” Yes, just like that, one supposes.

Cold In July: that rare beast, an unpredictable genre movie — rather, like Almodóvar’s Bad Education, it no longer has the same genre plot at the end as it did at the beginning, nor indeed by the middle. It is the kind of indie flick where characters work at a video rental store, a key scene takes place during a drive-in screening of Night of the Living Dead, and there are lovingly held shots of VHS tapes going in and out of a working VHS player. It is also the kind of movie where Michael C. Hall wears a mullet/’stache combo and Don Johnson plays a cowboy with three first names (I’m pretty sure he introduces himself as “Jim-Bob Luke”). The soundtrack is all-synth and excellent at evoking whatever filmmaker you think of when you think “gritty 80s thriller with an all-synth soundtrack.” A great deal of fun, though this relies on the Texan With Guns(tm) protagonists being quite squishy fellas at heart; if anyone were a gleeful psycho it would be a very hard story to take.


Do you remember I did a post here on Avengers NOW! a few days ago? Do you remember that it was of kind of manageable length? I thought, yes, that was OK, I’ll brush it up a bit and post it on Freaky Trigger, maybe add a couple of background details so people less invested in Marvel kremlinology can play along.

THREE THOUSAND WORDS later here we are. An analysis of the “Lady Thor”/”Falcon Cap” publishing moves in a wider context of what Marvel is up to generally. Very nerdy. Hopefully interesting. Titled with the most laboured pun in my long and wretched history. Just in time for Comic-Con.

I did see someone suggest that if Marvel were to go for the hat trick they would have to turn Tony Stark explicitly bisexual. …It’s perhaps indicative that I can’t remember 1) if Tony isn’t actually bisexual already and 2) when/where in recent circulation he *hasn’t* been a dick.

‘Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dial mix)’ by livetune ft. Hatsune MikuTheme song to Takashi Murakami’s debut film “Jellyfish Eyes” (tokusatsu, all-livetune OST, vague ominous handwaving at Fukushima and Pokemon). Has a Pharrell Williams remix and video on Youtube, as you do. #uplifting

‘Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dial mix)’ by livetune ft. Hatsune Miku
Theme song to Takashi Murakami’s debut film “Jellyfish Eyes” (tokusatsu, all-livetune OST, vague ominous handwaving at Fukushima and Pokemon). Has a Pharrell Williams remix and video on Youtube, as you do. #uplifting


Alison Blaire - The Sight of the Sound

Song credits:

Written by Arvin Bautista, Taiwo Heard, & Gentry Roth

Performed by Gentry Roth

Produced & mixed by Taiwo Heard

Video credits:

Writer/Director/Editor/VFX Arvin Bautista

Producer Stephen Curtis

Co-producers Taiwo Heard

Cinematographer Kiko Suura

Production Designer Danielle Lee

Costume Designer Leetal Platt

Associate Producers Leon Acord / John Rothenberg

More cast and crew coming soon!

This is literally all I ever wanted out of Marvel fandom tbh, everyone else can go home.



Aoike Yasuko’s drawings of Led Zeppelin

my scans

We all knew Jimmy Page had to be the source to all those hairdos in the shojo of the 70s-80s.

You know when you’re scrolling down your dash like “damn son that looks like Aoike Yasuko straight up did a drawing of Page ‘n’ Plant”


Feeling The Heat, Burning The Suits: Reporting On Ebola From Sierra Leone

NPR’s Jason Beaubien is in Sierra Leone, covering the Ebola outbreak that began in March in Guinea and has spread to neighboring countries. When we spoke Thursday, he had just toured the treatment center built by Doctors Without Borders in the town of Kailahun. With 64 beds, it’s the largest Ebola isolation ward ever built. Currently there are 31 patients.

How’s it going?

Never a dull day here.

Can you describe the treatment center?

It’s basically a compound with a series of different tents. There are tents where people get suited up to go in. Another tent seems to be for storage, and one of the tents contains a lab. Then there’s a double fence about 3 1/2 feet high, made of orange plastic mesh. They designed the fence so people can see where the patients are, so it wouldn’t seem as if the patients are completely walled off.

Why a double fence?

So no one can get within 6 feet of someone who has Ebola. In case a patient from the isolation area reaches out or vomits, [Doctors Without Borders] wants to make sure there won’t be any accidental contamination.

How do the doctors record information on the patients?

Doctors go into the isolation area completely suited up, do their rounds and write down what’s happening with patients. Then they stand next to the fence and shout out to people on the other side of the fence [information about each patient]. Say, for patient 105, the doctor says, “diarrhea, vomiting.” Then the doctor’s notes [made inside the isolation area] are burned.

Where do they burn the notes?

They have a big pit in the back.

What else do they burn?

They burn everything. They say nothing comes out of isolation — although obviously they’re taking blood samples out. People come out. They strip off their protective gear, the Tyvek suits they put over their entire body and shoes.

Continue reading.

Top: Construction workers repair the roof inside the isolation area at the Doctors Without Borders treatment center in Kailahun.

Bottom: All workers in the isolation area must wear a head-to-toe protective suit.

Photos by Tommy Trenchard for NPR

If you’ve ever wanted to know how the Ebola ward works…

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Ingenious Bathroom Graffiti by Reid Faylor

I found the two butts.

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"The album also featured samples of audio recordings made by Poe’s father, film director Tad Danielewski. The cassettes were found by Poe and Mark after their father had died and were literally audio-letters to the two of them that spanned back as far as their birth. Thus, the album is usually interpreted as a real woman (Poe) singing tributes to her deceased father (who sings back) even while telling the story of a group of fictional characters (from House of Leaves)."

Haunted (Poe album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

important aspect of this book that is largely ignored by grognards

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This was such a landmark album of the early 00s(? I don’t think it was 90s) for a lot of people I knew.

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Welp, it wasn’t depressing enough, apparently. :/

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