The final track on The Menace is also not cringeworthy and deserves a post — it’s a straightforward cover version of Trio’s “Da Da Da”.

I’d loved the original since I was small, not least because I could make the exact same bop-IP-bop-bop-bop-IP-bop-bop noise on Mum’s tiny Casio. The same keyboard let you sample your own voice and play a whole octave of swear words or belches. Brilliant.

Elastica’s version has the same pops and bips (yay) but misses out most of the German words (boo). Unsurprising there is also a crunchy guitar wig-out on top. It’s rather jolly!

Wait a minute… Who’s that listed on the credits?

Additional keyboards: Norman Balda


Stray thought: would it change anything if one referred to that dude solely as “Additional Keyboards” for the rest of all time?

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